Planning on Selling Your Home in 2018?

2018-05-12 | 11:31:22

If you're planning on selling without the help of a REALTOR, here are some things to consider:


Research has shown that FSBO properties sell for 5.5% less than comparable properties sold through MLS. 


A REALTOR's knowledge is priceless. REALTORS know what the internet doesn't tell consumers and can provide insight to what cannot be found online. what you don't know really can come back to hurt you.


How are you going to handle showings if you are at work or have to go out of town? Having a REALTOR and their Brokerage handling all showings allows you to continue on with your daily routine.


A REALTOR is there to walk you through the entire process, right up to closing day.



Excerpts taken from an article by Cara Ameer, Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Ponte Verdra Beach, Florids





2017 Off With A Bang

2017-01-22 | 05:24:13

Before Christmas, people were asking me what I thought 2017 was going to look like. I felt it would be a continuance of 2016 and 3 weeks in, I can see that is exactly what is going to happen.  Lack of homes for sale and the increased number of buyers coming from areas like Toronto and Mississauga are creating bidding wars and over 90% of properties selling for over asking. It's great to be a seller, not so great for buyers who are experiencing frustrating in trying to purchase.  Typically, our spring market starts now ... I hope we start to see more home coming up for sale!

The Dog Days of Summer ... Count Down to Fall

2016-08-10 | 13:53:31

We've had an exceptional summer with high temperatures and lots of sun. A little more rain would have been nice since most of our lawns were burned off by the middle of July. That doesn't make for the most attract exterior photos on our listings!

The real estate market in Guelph has also been exceptional this summer.  We continue to see multiple offer situations on almost every type of property in the City.  The summer months are typically quieter, but there are still lots of buyers looking and with lack of available product, it's been a full seller's market. The average sale price in May was up 11.4% over May 2015.

There is no evidence of any type of slow down and the fall, usually our second best selling time, looks like it will be just as busy!

Spring ... Moving Forward

2016-03-11 | 05:30:26

It's hard to believe that this is the weekend that we move our clocks ahead! Longer days and warm weather await. Don't forget to take this opportunity to change all the batteries in your smoke detectors. As homeowners, there is no shortage of things to do in the spring. One thing that often gets overlooked is the grading around our houses. Take a stroll around the exterior of your house. Does the ground slope away from the building? If not, consider improving drainage and being pro-active to keep the spring run off away from your basement! Bring in some top soil and build it up against the house to help keep your grading good and your basement dry.