Preparing for an Open House

Ensuring your home receives maximum exposure is a key part of any home sale. That's why it pays to sell your home with the help of your real estate professional through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS provides details of your home to all real estate professionals in the area, and markets the property to a broad range of potential buyers.

To further maximize exposure, your real estate professional may recommend you hold an open house as soon as the property goes on the market.

Most open houses for the public are held on a weekend afternoon when potential buyers often have more time to drive through neighbourhoods.

Following are three things to keep in mind pending an upcoming open house:

open house preparation
  1. No pets allowed. If you have pets, remove them from the home for the open house, since their presence could be distracting or affect those with allergies.
  2. Make plans. It's best if you and your family are not present during an open house. If you remain home, prospective buyers may feel compelled to rush their visit to avoid disturbing you. You want them to feel relaxed and take the time to really see the features of your property. Potential buyers also feel uncomfortable commenting on your home in your presence.
  3. Be Prepared. Your professional will suggest ways to prepare your home for an open house to make the environment more inviting both inside and out. This may entail rearranging furniture, painting an area, or removing clutter. All of this, of course, will help you prepare for your eventual move as well.